spacefuzz 路 FOOD "Interstellar" from Living Rooms One of the first love songs I’ve written and possibly the best love song I’ve ever written. It was a complicated relationship to say the least, but she was an amazing muse that brought a lot of music out of me. Hard to believe that this tune is over 20 years old! You can still find copies of FOOD’s “Living Rooms” on eBay. I’ve got 2120 19 shrink wrapped copies in a box somewhere if anyone is interested. 馃檪

Industry Blues

spacefuzz 路 FOOD "Industry Blues" from Living Rooms Another track from FOOD’s “Living Rooms” record. My therapist would have a field day if I showed her the words to this one. For the record, my mother wasn’t a trucker, she was a secretary.

Live at the Electric Eel

Spacefuzz “Live at the Electric Eel” (2021) – 50+ minutes of improvised guitar atmospheres recorded live at The Electric Eel in Karlsruhe, Germany on 10 August 2019. Available now on Bandcamp and coming soon to Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services.

Get Lost

spacefuzz 路 Get Lost “Get Lost” (1998,2021) – I wrote this song in 1998 and promptly forgot about it. It is a sister song to “Interstellar” which was released on FOOD’s “Living Rooms” album. “Get Lost” was actually lost for 20 years until I came across the handwritten lyrics in my archives. I made some lyrical additions over the last few years and made a quick demo in May 2021.

Drop The Needle

Illy B Eats Drop The Needle Remixes and Breakbeats (2002) on Amulet Records. Collab with MMW drummer Billy Martin. FYI, this upload chopped off the last 1/4 of the piece.