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New album “Increvable” out now.


Well… today is the day. Finally! A little over two years ago, I arrived back at my home to find that most of my possessions were gone and my recording studio had been dismantled and packed up by my former spouse who was undergoing a serious mental health crisis. I stood there in disbelief, untangling the cords and cables, unpacking boxes of musical equipment haphazardly disconnected and tossed into boxes. I slowly put my studio back together and began recording what eventually became “Increvable!” (pronounced ‘on-cray-vah-bluh’ – French for ‘Indestructable!’

Between the pandemic and this unexplainable life-crisis, recording this album was my floatation device… it proved to be a refuge and a magnum catharsis. Increvable! was designed at the outset to be a vinyl record album. It is a physical package that you can touch, hold, read, smell and listen too. I suspect you can eat it to if that’s your thing. Eventually there will be a digital release of the music portion, but putting that out feels like sending someone a postcard and calling it a major motion picture.

Increvable! is finally here.