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Listening List 9/30/2023

A quick note to share what music has been capturing my imagination lately (in no particular order).

Wilco “Cousin” (2023)

a great collection of introspective songs wrapped in a sonically diverse sheen of oddball structural decisions and peculiar resolutions. If you love the experimental Wilco, you’ll love this. Excellent.

Alice In Chains – “Dirt” (1992)

This record has been deep in my brain for a long time, not a new discovery. That being said, time changes everything and so it does to the meanings of this collection of dark songs.

David Fanshawe – “Spirit of Polynesia” (1995)

Chants, drum dances and other music from the islands of Polynesia. Some of the a capella vocal pieces are awe inspiring. I probably need to sit at the piano and play along to see exactly what is happening here harmonically, but it sounds like the entire ensemble are doing slow glissandi into different tonal centers. Strange and beautiful.

John McLaughlin – “Belo Horizonte” (1981)
John McLaughlin – “Devotion” (1970)
John McLaughlin & Jimmy Herring – “Live In San Francisco” (2018)
Shakti – “Shakti with John McLaughlin” (1976)

Continuing my dive into the maestro John McLaughlin’s blisteringly beautiful and always evergreen back catalog. Wow wow wow.